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Machines for agriculture and construction are produced by the American business Bobcat Company. Its American headquarters are now in West Fargo, North Dakota, having formerly been in Gwinner. From Waterloo, Belgium, to Dob, Czech Republic, it moved its European headquarters in 2017. (where Bobcat operates one of its European manufacturing plants). Prior to being sold to Doosan Infracore for US$4.9 billion, it was a division of the Ingersoll Rand Company from 1995 until July 2007.

The company sells skid steer loaders, mini excavators, side-by-sides, mini tractors, and other compact hydraulic machinery under the Bobcat name. One of the few significant manufacturers in North Dakota is this one.

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The History Of Bobcat

In the 1950s, Louis and Cyril Keller operated Keller Welding and Repair close to Rothsay, Minnesota. In 1956, Eddie Velo, a local turkey farmer, told the Kellers that he required a tool that was both portable and small enough to fit within a pole barn. The Velo brothers unveiled a small, three-wheeled design with a belt-driven transmission on February 4, 1957. The Kellers developed and patented a more resilient clutch-based transmission system in 1958 after learning about issues with the belt-driven transmission from Velo, who granted the Kellers full access to his operations. The improved transmission served as the foundation for the Melroe M60 loader.

The Kellers' uncle, an equipment salesman for the Gwinner, North Dakota-based Melroe Manufacturing Company, made a marketing suggestion that led to an invitation for the Kellers to participate in the 1958 Minnesota State Fair. Melroe introduced the four-wheeled M400 model "Skid-Steer Loader" in 1960. Following the launching of the 440 model loader in 1962, the business began marketing related products under the "Bobcat" brand name. Les Melroe and ad executive Lynn Bickett were exchanging name possibilities while travelling between Minneapolis and Gwinner when they came up with the moniker "Bobcat". Bickett and Sylvan Melroe coined the slogan "tough, fast, and agile" to market the first loaders.

Melroe Manufacturing Company was purchased by Clark Equipment Company in 1969. Ingersoll-Rand was subsequently purchased by Clark Equipment Company in 1995. Ingersoll-Rand sold Clark Equipment Company to the Doosan Group of South Korea in 2007 for US$4.9 billion along with the rest of its construction equipment business. The Clark Equipment Company has taken over the operations of The Bobcat Company. The Bobcat Company has the right to use the name "Bobcat" as a trademark.

Doosan and Doosan Bobcat's seven-year cooperation came to an end on January 1 when they were divided into independent companies.

In July 2021, Doosan Infracore was acquired by Hyundai Heavy Industries in exchange for a 30% controlling stake in the company for roughly $722.45 million. Doosan Infracore will become a part of the brand-new Hyundai Genuine group.

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Skid-Steer Loaders

The whole line of Bobcat® skid-steer loaders is made to enable you to accomplish more. Bobcat invented the first skid-steer loader, and since then, the company has maintained an unrivalled track record of quality, performance, and dependability. For a good reason, we are the most popular skid-steer loader brand globally.

When combined with a genuine Bobcat attachment, each style of skid-steer is a versatile force to be feared on your workplace. As soon as you step inside the cab of the R-Series, the next revolution in skid steer loaders, you'll notice advancements. It is made to push the limits in every way, increasing productivity at your jobsite where it matters.

Skid-Steer Loaders - bobcat

Compact Track Loaders

The compact track loaders from Bobcat® are all made to help you do more. They are known as the most powerful, comfortable, and versatile loaders in the industry.

In terms of lifting capability, pushing force, buoyancy, and ground disturbance, other manufacturers fall short. Even in sloppy, sandy, muddy, or wet conditions, you'll be able to endure and finish the task.

As soon as you step inside the cab of the R-Series, the next revolution in loaders, you'll notice advancements. It is made to push the limits in every way, increasing productivity at your jobsite where it matters.

Compact Track Loaders - bobcat

Small Articulated Loaders

A small articulated loader can handle a range of challenging tasks in confined spaces with the least amount of disruption to already-existing surfaces.

In addition to a tight-turning articulation joint for manoeuvrability in compact spaces, these agile loaders offer a grass-safe mode to lessen the risk of cutting into the turf when it spins or hauls a load.

Bobcat® little articulated loaders are small enough to fit easily into pens, nurseries, and other enclosed locations and have an impressive lifting capacity. From material handling to grounds maintenance, this tiny machine is capable of performing a wide range of landscaping jobs.

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Mini Track Loaders

A compact track loader allows you to manoeuvre and perform work in locations where other machines cannot. Small track loaders from Bobcat® complete difficult tasks in confined locations. By removing manual labour, hand tools, and wheelbarrows, you may do more in regions that are tough to access.

Pass effortlessly through gates, doors, and other tight spaces. Ride-on little track loaders, also known as stand-on micro skid steers, have the same attachment versatility as larger Bobcat compact loaders.

Install the Common Industry Interface (CII) or the Bob-Tach® mounting system on your machine. The Common Industry Interface design lets you connect your machine to a range of loader attachments you may already own and use, while the tried-and-true Bob-Tach mounting mechanism provides quick attachment changes and superior attachment fit.

Do not be fooled by the small size. They carry out challenging jobs like excavating, tilling, lugging materials, and trenching.

Mini Track Loaders - bobcat

Compact Wheel Loaders

The impressive material handling abilities and excellent manoeuvrability of small wheel loaders allow you to do more jobs in less time.

The performance, comfort, and versatility required to take on the most challenging projects are only offered by Bobcat® compact wheel loaders. Bobcat small wheel loaders are exceptional at handling materials, which will enable you to do more. Large bucket capacity, a high lift height, remarkable agility, good stability, and quick travel speeds are a few of these advantages.

The Power Bob-Tach® System is featured for quick and easy attachment connection, giving you the greatest versatility for your money. With the help of Bobcat attachments, you can take on new jobs and make better use of your compact loader, whether you're moving pallets, clearing snow, or cleaning rubbish.

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Compact (Mini) Excavators

Your productivity and performance will grow with Bobcat® compact excavators. The line-up of Bobcat mini excavators now has enhanced features for more precise control to operate more productively and comfort features to make challenging jobs easier.

Each compact excavator we build may accommodate a variety of specialised attachments and is built to improve your productivity. The Hydraulic X-ChangeTM system, the extended arm, and the depth check system are just a few examples of the bespoke features that can be added to many of these types.

Even in the most difficult and restricted working areas, you can enhance productivity and uptime with Bobcat mini excavators. From the initial model selection to the final day on the job, we make it simple to respond to substantial challenges with a succinct response.

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Large Excavators

Bobcat® big excavators offer the versatility and manoeuvrability needed for a variety of task sites. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, the quality and versatility you expect from the Bobcat name are paired with the fastest cycle times, strongest lifting capabilities, and greatest reach.

Obtain the power and effectiveness needed to handle your biggest assignments. Industry-leading hydraulics that deliver stable power and higher slew torque for slewing and backfilling help to increase productivity and save cycle times. Four switchable power modes provide provide variable performance in the comfort of your cab.

Bobcat large excavators provide you with the strength, certainty, and size you need to finish greater tasks.

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