Bobcat Model S160 2.3 Tonne skid Steer Loader

Bobcat S160 Specs

Bobcat S160 Specifications 

The greatest tool for backfilling trenches, digging trenches, levelling and grading driveways, clearing snow from driveways, removing rubbish from building sites, installing fence poles, removing sod, and planting trees is the Bobcat S160 skid steer loader.

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Technical Specifications

The 68-inch width of the Bobcat S160 makes it easy to manoeuvre in compact and restricted locations. The Bobcat S160 skid steer loader is 76.3" in height by 130.3" in length.

The Bobcat S160's turbocharged diesel engine generates 61 HP (vs. 49 HP for the S150)

The Bobcat S160 can lift up to 1600 pounds (vs. 1500 lbs. for the S150). The Bobcat S160's operating weight is 5,965 lbs (vs. 5,935 lbs. for the S150).

Thanks to the Bobcat S160's improved visibility, you can see the bucket and the tyre edges clearly. (Helpful in small spaces).

With the sculpted high back seat, you can continue to operate at a high level of productivity.

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