Bobcat S130 2.15 Tonne skid Steer Loader

Bobcat S130 Specs

Bobcat S130 Specifications 

The Bobcat S130 Skid Steer Loader has a V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3 46 horsepower (gross power) engine. Its cylinders have a total volume of 134.3 cubic inches (displacement).

The Bobcat S130 has a 13.3 gallon fuel capacity.

The Bobcat S130 skid steer loader has a 2634 degree tipping angle.

It is 7.98 feet long without the bucket attached and 10.35 feet long with it. The Bobcat S130's cab has a height of 6.45 feet. It had a 2.96-foot-long wheelbase.

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Technical Specifications

  • 2.96ft in Wheelbase

  • 7.98ft in Length without Bucket 

  • 6.9ft in Clearance at Max Lift and Dump

  • 22.6in Reach at Max Lift and Dump 

  • 10.35ft in Length including Bucket

  • 4.89ft in Width Over Tires

  • 7.41in Ground Clearance

  • 6.45ft in Height to the top of Cab

  • 46hp Total Power

  • 134.3cubic in Displacement

  • 2334 Engine Make

  • V2203-M-DI-E2B-BC-3 Engine Model

  • 7.3mph Max Speed

  • 7.3 mph Operating Speed

  • 13.3gal Fuel Capacity

  • 1300lb Rating of operating load

  • 2634 degrees Tipping Angle

  • 16.9gal/min Pump Flow Capacity

  • 2600psi Relief Valve Pressure

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