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In Berkshire, Triggers Digger Hire Berkshire provides a variety of diggers. Triggers Digger Hire Berkshire is the company to call if you require a skid steer, micro digger, or tiny digger. Diggers from Bobcat, Caterpillar, JCB, and Kubota are just a few of the outstanding brands we offer to our clients.

The Number One For Digger Hire In And Around Berkshire

Triggers Digger Hire Berkshire provides mini digger rentals all across Berkshire. Our Mini Digger line is ideal for minor gardening and construction applications with restricted access. A fantastically affordable way to finish a lot of work quickly is to rent one of our Mini Diggers. Due to its outstanding compactness, the Mini digger is simple to manoeuvre in small spaces. Our Mini Diggers are the ideal choice for consumers with limited mobility because they can fit through spaces as small as 700 millimetres. Newbury, Slough, Maidenhead and Bracknell are areas you will regularly see our diggers at work.

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We Offer Micro Digger Hire Throughout Berkshire

Because of its compact size and power, the micro excavator can be used in even the smallest spaces, such backyards and within buildings. It is a tiny excavator, but it has a lot of power. Micro excavators in Berkshire considerably reduce the time and labour necessary for labor-intensive digging jobs. We frequently transport micro diggers to the following locations: Cookham, Thatcham, Wokingham and Ascot.

Top Locations For Skid Steer Loader Hire In Berkshire

Triggers Digger Hire Berkshire is the best place to rent skid steer excavators in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. A variety of skid steer loaders from our inventory can be delivered in a few days to your residence or place of business. We have a significant deal of experience working with both commercial enterprises and individual clients. To find out what former customers thought of our skid steer loaders and general support, read their reviews. We are confident that our service will be dependable and safe regardless of the needs of the customer, and we stand by the quality of our tools and level of support. Our skid steer loaders are frequently seen at Sandhurst, Eton, Twyford, and Datchet.

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Types Of Diggers We Provide Throughout Berkshire

For Triggers Digger Hire Berkshire, there are several various kinds of diggers from which to select. Skid steers and micro diggers are among the different types of diggers we provide.


Micro diggers are great for getting into difficult work locations when it seems like hand labour is the only option. You can manoeuvre through more confined, smaller areas. Zero Tail Swing provides the maximum protection from any potential site risks and the best flexibility for slewing and placing spoils.


Mini diggers are really capable and have remarkable power when you need it. Every piece of equipment we create for our customers offers the best levels of comfort and precision on the market. Productivity can be considerably increased with the help of this little device.


The first skid steer loader was invented by Bobcat, and over the last 60 years, the business has established a reputation for reliability, performance, and quality. When outfitted with Bobcat attachments, every model of Bobcat skid-steer becomes a powerful instrument on the job site. You'll notice how significantly improved this machine is the instant you step into the cab. This tool is made to push the envelope in every way, providing increased productivity where it matters.

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